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 Who is Vaughn?

Vaughn Marketing and Design's origin is in an art gallery in Aspen Colorado U.S. in 1995. It was there that Ben Vaughn built a web site for the gallery that he had been running for the previous 10 years. Ben had a slight suspicion that the internet might one day figure largely into art sales, and that the art industry could conceivably become dependant on the net. The rest is history.
The desire to be able to live in a foreign country motivated an avid study of emerging internet technologies. At that time, getting photo thumbnails to line up next to each other by the use of tables was cutting edge. Javascript, Flash, Microsoft Front Page, Yahoo, Netscape etc... were all the upstart languages, companies, and software that were taking the internet scene by storm. In between caring for the gallery's visitors, Ben would study the next thing.

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