Costa rica Internet Services

Return On Investment

 This is at the very core of internet marketing. Oddly enough, I find that in my consulting I spend a good amount of time talking people out of doing a web site. My business is a specialty internet marketing service for Costa Rica, and as such I receive interesting requests for sites from some really out of the way little bed & breakfasts, or ecotourism and adventure spots. I tell them that by the time that they get done with paying for the site, and then get the thing promoted, it will be years before their 4 room B & B pays for the site. For such ones I encourage looking into services such as our Dominical.Biz site, or some other such site where you can get a nice page with click-able photos for $50.00 plus a small monthly fee.
   Web sites are expensive any more. It used to be that they weren't, but now they are. Sure I know, everybody knows some high school geek or has a family member who can do one for them for free or for cheap. But after going that route, the people generally end up at the professional web site designer's doorstep. Will the site pay back its cost in some way? This is what we analyze with the client in the consultation.
   If you think about the business, it behooves us for you to make a lot of money from our efforts. If you give us a dollar, and you get ten dollars back, you will whistle while you write my check, which is the way I like it. ROI, you will hear it a lot as we consider your project's potential.
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