Costa rica Internet Services


   Some sites don't need to be promoted. Some may be for a select industry and they would be notified by direct mail of the site, or some other such situations, But for the most part, there is very little point to designing a beautiful site if it cannot be found. The Promotion aspect of our Services has grown to become what is probably the main service we offer.
    We focus on what is known as "organic" positioning in the search engines. This means that we design the site in such a way that it appeals to the search engines on it's own merit. The objective being page one ranking in the major search engines without having to pay for the position. Of course, as the web site owner, you pretty much pay for it, either in pay-for-position, or in paying a service such as Vaughn Marketing and Design, to position the site organically. Since we also are experienced in strategizing pay-per-click campaigns, we will likely present the client with a combination of both, the organic, and the for pay options.
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