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 Domain Name Selection

There are many misconceptions about domain name selection. One is that the domain name has something to do with search engines finding and positioning the site. Not so. The factors to consider when deciding on a domain name are, that they be easily remembered, and spelled. "Whoa now" you say, "what about having to do with the business name?" To this I say, "not important". Get a domain that is easy to remember and spell and you will get more benefit from it than any of the other considerations that might move one to consider a domain such as How about instead of that we go with or Witness, selling books, Google and Yahoo selling search. My favorite is which is where I register my domain names. All I ever have to do is mention the name to a client, and they don't even need to write it down.
   Based on our consultation I will recommend a number of different domains based on resources that I have that don't limit us to just what has never been bought, but also domain names that have been bought and are either for sale, or are expired, or just about to expire. And, unless this article has an immediate influence on you, it is likely that I will try and talk you out of whatever domain name that you had in mind for your web site ;o)

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